Monday, May 14, 2012

State of the Costumes Address + research page


Well, I've had to do some rethinking about my costumes for this Dragon*Con year. I do have a fair bit of progress on my main costume, The White Witch.

I don't have a current picture, but the panel to the right is complete, and I have a gore that's half done. However, I'm not quite to the half-way point and I have four months left. There's no way I can complete this in time. Since I have no hand-sewing, I'll still be chainmailing on this, but it won't be complete for Dragon*Con, especcially since I need to buy fur and latchhook the mane, make the crown, and any combination of two swords and a wand.

I have the finished Hobbit costume, and the added Katniss hunting costume. That one the shirt is finished except for buttonholes and weathering, all I need is to make the quiver and make the jacket (which won't take long, I just can't afford the leather at the moment. I've also decided to add this one:
Provided I can find the fabric when I'm in Chicago (or online), I don't think it'll be too expensive or take too long to make. Looks like D*C will be a Katniss-a-thon for me!

Which, speaking of Katniss, since starting my facebook group I have a ton of research on all her costumes, so since I'm not updating my website anymore, I made a page here, and hopefully I'll be able to add more information as I compile it.

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  1. Too bad you won't be able to finish your chainmail in time. I had to put my White Witch project on hold too. That costume has so many unique pieces that take a lot of research and time - it's not like an ordinary sewing project. Have you come up with any ideas for the wand? They did make a replica at one point (and it looked really good) but since it's no longer produced, any that are floating around out there will come at a premium.


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