Wednesday, March 28, 2012

District Style Challenge

Well, after getting to see the Hunger Games in an advanced screening and not being able to confirm or deny the existance to pockets, I made the pants in a day, and with pockets, for the midnight showing. I have to take the waistband back off and take it in, but they are essentially done. Hopefully I can find the right fabric later. I'll be putting up pics later :)

In the mean time, for funsies, I decided to enter the District Style Challenge #4 on the Capitol Couture website ( This is a mock fashion website for the Capitol of Panem, and they are running several style contests. Some of the winners chosen weren't professional looking art so it gives me a little hope that they are looking at actual design and not art. It was fun either way. Here's my entry... it's kind of huge:

 I used District 4 as the inspiration, which is the fishing industry, as my inspiration. The wrap dress would be ombre-dyed. The collar is meant to emulate waves, while the fluffy trim at the base is meant to emulate seafoam. It closes with a jeweled starfish brooch. Underneath is a mesh bodysuit (or separates, if I were making it for me) that covers the shoes also. The shaping at the bottom of the sleeves and the neckline is meant to look like corral, and is beaded with orange, peach, corral, and white seed beeds. I'm no good with hair and make-up, so I made a giant barrel-roll to keep with the wave motif, shiny orange lipstick and nails, with silvery-white eyeshadow and orange jewels along the lid. I'd have designed the make-up better, but I'm not good with doing any detailed coloring.

So, there you have it :) I'll actually be having more Hunger Games related stuff to post soon... I'm opening up a new Etsy shop with geek-related purses, and my first is a purse inspired by Effie Trinket. I am almost done with the prototype and hope to start making the sellable purses this week. I'm excited, it's kinda gaudy, just like Effie ;)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Katniss Pants

Argh, this is driving me nuts...

I've been scouring the net looking for pictures. I'm pretty confident I have enough pics to make the jacket and shirt, but I have pants fabric NOW, but not enough info. I haven't been able to see the waistband or pockets, if any pockets exist. I know I don't NEED any of this for the premiere, but I'm itching to get started on it. I kinda hope she does have pockets, just so I have places to store stuff. Guess I'll have to wait for the movie to come out so I can properly see. And if it's obscured in the movie, I can make them how I want.

Now the exact pattern on her pants is hard to find. It has to be some kind of pant weight fabric, probably a denim or twill. I made a graphic on the pattern on this pic. Click for full size so it's not all distorted:

I got THIS fabric online:

I think it will at least create a similar illusion and if I ever come across something better, I can always remake it. I at least hope I can find a nice faux leather for the jacket. That project should be... interesting...

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Yay, my Hobbit costume is essentially finished! I'd like to remake the skirt if I find a fabric that hangs better in my moss color (or is dyeable). I need a wig, I'll make a cloak before the December premiere, and I'm hoping to one day make believable looking feet. But, here's the whole thing. The first pic is very large so you can see the lovely dragon buttons.