Saturday, June 21, 2014

75th Tribute Parade Dress - Pt. 1

Here's my current project:

That's right, I'm adding to my Katniss collection. I absolutely love this dress from Catching Fire, and I'm glad that it was custom made, as most of her wardrobe were designer items I can't afford. I don't have many good pictures of the whole dress standing, and you never see it in the movie except when the chariot first pulls into the Tribute Parade. I have a flickr album for my Katniss research, here's a link to the parade research album.  Click on for the start of my build.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

So I finished making a weird thing; Katniss' cowl finished

I finished this awhile back, and was waiting to post the final picture as a 'big reveal', but the last few snows of the season just didn't stick and I wasn't able to get a photographer. I decided to take some dummy pictures today and just post it. I'm planning on wearing it to Dragon*Con this year, and am fixing up my Singer treadle to hopefully sew through leather. Once I can find some suitable leather I plan to make her hunting coat from scratch. So, in the mean time, here's the finished piece.