Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stashing- Tonks Battle Costume

Time to start a new label called 'the stash' for any neat goodies I find.

I'm planning to do this Tonks costume from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

It's just a matter of waiting for that lovely snakeskin coat fabric to come along. But since the last movie came out, I don't know for how much longer they plan on selling replica wands, so I went ahead and bought one... Here are all three of my wands:

The bottom one is my first wand, when The Noble Collection only offered the three main wands, it is Hermione's. The middle is my wood wand I got from Alivans that I wield when I wear my Hogwarts robes. And the top is my new Nymphadora Tonks wand!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Padme weekend progress

Not much, just a quick progress pic

Lower sleeves are assembled, I'll add the closure and false buttons after I attach the upper sleeve, I made 16 yards of piping, and here's some of the symbols. The symbols are giving me problems, I'm having trouble getting all the color out even though I'm applying the paste evenly. It's been harder lately, I think due in part to the humidity in the air, but it's taking forever, and I can't begin assembling my coat until these are done. So for now I'm working on the upper sleeve pattern.

I'm considering after next year taking a break from the big, year-long insanity projects and just focusing on some smaller projects I've wanted to do. It's annoying not getting to complete something more than once a year. However, I already have big plans for next year that I already have materials for. I will be making the White Witch Battle costume from Narnia for my big project, my Hobbit costume for the end-of-year premiere (though this is a simpler project) and the Padme meadow dress which I will take my time on with no set deadline. Aaaaand, I'm going to shut up and get the hell to bed...

Friday, July 8, 2011

The Hobbit; Dwarf Photos!

Though I don't expect many women's costumes at all in the Hobbit, I'm still super excited, and Peter Jackson has started releasing official photos!

Here's Dori, Nori, and Ori:

And Oin and Gloin. I'm really glad that Gloin resembles his son Gimli enough, and that his axe is the same style if not THE same axe:

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Padme Dress Progress

I've been dyeing for about a week and a half, and I finally got all my velvet dyed. I also got my sleeve/piping fabric dyed, and finally got a color I liked.

I finished my mock-up of the lower sleeves and I love the way it came out! It's a two-part undersleeve with a bias layer over that I just arranged and pressed in a random way. I don't see any evidence that the buttons down the actual gown are functional, so I made an opening just at the wrist, I'll put snap tape there and decorative cover buttons. This is just the mock up:

On the gown itself, I have the skirt half done. I have the back put together and roughly pleated, I have to take measurements and do it more precise, and one side of the front attached. I'm working on discharge printing the lapels. I had to thread-trace the whole thing so I know where to place the symbols. I had a stencil custom-cut. Each symbol I have to paint on the discharge paste, wait for it to dry, then steam it for 10 minutes. I didn't quite get all the purple out, but I'll try and touch it up after it's all done and I rinse the paste out...

I think one day I may make a bigger hoop skirt, but I wanna see what the finished thing looks like first.