Tuesday, July 3, 2012

May The Odds Be Ever In MY Favor

Finished my Reaping dress! I need to find the right shoes and will dye my hair brown in August. (Dear lord that's next month...) It's incredibly comfortable!

Full Size: http://www.rebelshaven.com/images/costumes/katniss/reaping/kvreaping001.jpg
Full Size: http://www.rebelshaven.com/images/costumes/katniss/reaping/kvreaping002.jpg
So aside from getting shoes for this and slippers to carry around for my Hobbit, 2 of my D*C costumes are done. Katniss Hunting just needs a jacket and quiver (and will remake pants if better fabric comes along), but the Interview dress, I still have the whole thing to do and hope I get it done for D*C because that'd be my only "big" costume.