Friday, May 18, 2012

NEW Historical Shoes at American Duchess!!

In case any of you (historical costumers especcially) haven't heard, American Duchess is THE WORD in historical shoes. They make real leather soled historical shoes. I own a pair of their first 18th century shoes which I wore with both my Padme costume and my 18th century costumes and I have to say.... these are THE most comfortable costume shoes I own... they might even be the most comfortable shoes I own, period. I just got in a new pair today, my lovely Kensington Edwardian shoes. I'll post pics later, I might have ordered a half size too large, I'll have to try them on with stockings, but they are *lovely* The new style that are being pre-ordered at French Court shoes! Go to for all the details :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Damn you, Colleen Atwood...

So once again there is a movie coming out with Colleen Atwood's GORGEOUS costumes, and it mixes fairy tale with sick-and-twisted, which I love. Now I would LOVE to do one of the evil Queen's, but I don't think I could pull her off (I can't pull off White Witch and I'm doing her anyways...) I'm kind of tempted to do one of these Snow White costumes but it hasn't made The List yet. While searching for Hunger Games costumes of all things, I stumbled across this picture which led me to search for videos... good god there are so many little costume videos and the movie isn't even out yet! We're usually lucky to get one!

Embedded videos behind the cut:

Monday, May 14, 2012

State of the Costumes Address + research page


Well, I've had to do some rethinking about my costumes for this Dragon*Con year. I do have a fair bit of progress on my main costume, The White Witch.

I don't have a current picture, but the panel to the right is complete, and I have a gore that's half done. However, I'm not quite to the half-way point and I have four months left. There's no way I can complete this in time. Since I have no hand-sewing, I'll still be chainmailing on this, but it won't be complete for Dragon*Con, especcially since I need to buy fur and latchhook the mane, make the crown, and any combination of two swords and a wand.

I have the finished Hobbit costume, and the added Katniss hunting costume. That one the shirt is finished except for buttonholes and weathering, all I need is to make the quiver and make the jacket (which won't take long, I just can't afford the leather at the moment. I've also decided to add this one:
Provided I can find the fabric when I'm in Chicago (or online), I don't think it'll be too expensive or take too long to make. Looks like D*C will be a Katniss-a-thon for me!

Which, speaking of Katniss, since starting my facebook group I have a ton of research on all her costumes, so since I'm not updating my website anymore, I made a page here, and hopefully I'll be able to add more information as I compile it.