Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Damn you, Colleen Atwood...

So once again there is a movie coming out with Colleen Atwood's GORGEOUS costumes, and it mixes fairy tale with sick-and-twisted, which I love. Now I would LOVE to do one of the evil Queen's, but I don't think I could pull her off (I can't pull off White Witch and I'm doing her anyways...) I'm kind of tempted to do one of these Snow White costumes but it hasn't made The List yet. While searching for Hunger Games costumes of all things, I stumbled across this picture which led me to search for videos... good god there are so many little costume videos and the movie isn't even out yet! We're usually lucky to get one!

Embedded videos behind the cut:

First, a wonderful 5-minute preview:

This interview she does in front of Thor's (erm, Huntsman) costume and 3 of Ravenna's (the name of the Evil Queen) costumes. She talks about the time period she based the costumes on. Bit of a spoiler about the end in there, but it's kind of a 'saw-it-coming' plot point, but be warned...

Another interview in front of the same 4 costumes. There are some up-and-down shots of Ravenna's costumes on the dummies in the shop! Small side note, she talks about her next project which is unlisted on IMDB so far... working with Johnny Depp on a movie called The Thin Man set in the 30's... EEEEEEEEEE! My mother LOVES The Thin Man movies, as well as Colleen Atwood and Johnny Depp so I'm especcially excited because my other is excited :D

Here is my favorite, a very detailed walk-through of a few of the costumes, what their made of, what thought went behind it... The Huntsman, Snow White, and the army costumes.

And lastly, a featurette. This one focuses more on the Snow White costume with some material observations... made of green suede! Also more on Ravenna

-edit- Whoops, forgot this one, the MTV one that the full dress cap came from...


  1. Awesome collection of info Vera. Thanks so much for sharing this. Now we are both slaves to Colleen Atwood.

  2. i just love it i want this dress or at least a prop of it so badly!
    where can i find one?


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