Monday, May 9, 2011

Garb 01

This is what I've been working on the past week. Nothing special, really...

I started the body of the dress last year and never finished it. My old SCA garb has had it, it's all over 5 years old, so I decided I needed something new for the Ren Faire. Since it's so hot at faire usually and, hey, it's REN FAIRE, I'm not too worried about period accuracy, more about practicality and comfort. It's still based on historical research, but with modern techniques. I couldn't make any of the period sleeve patterns I found work and still be able to lift my arms, so I added an under-arm gore. It's made of burnt orange linen, all machine sewn except for finishing. I did hand-sew all the button holes and I need to finish the sleeve button holes before it's wearable (and fix that damn 1/8" that got weird at the neck). I am wearing leather 'scottish ghillies', (again, probably NOT period, but it's what I've got), and if I get my kankelon hair in time, I'm going to make braided extensions and do a simple rams horn hairstyle.

The upholstery fabric is something I worked with when I was with the Shakespeare Festival last year to make a doublet, and I went out and bought up the last of it since I loved it so much. I plan to make a sideless surcoat out of it, and use the left-overs to make a purse/pouch I saw in one of my books. I will also add white tippets to the sleeves and maybe I can squeeze a hood out of the left-over linen if it looks like rain. So long as the dress is done, though, I will be ready for Ren Faire shenanigans!

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