Friday, May 20, 2011

The current state of my craziness

Alright, I've been thinking lately (I know, dangerous) that what I'm going to do about the corset is... I'm scratching Steampunk as an official project this year (crappy start to a new blog, but what can you do?) I think I'd be pushing it trying to finish it in time for Dragon*Con with my Padme since I probably have to rebuild a corset. I'm going to build a waist cincher, not as fancy, to get the right torso curves, and sew a softer, probably corded, unboned, and padded top to force that damn curvy shape I want! And I'll do it as a casual build-it-when-you-can project.

I wasted a bunch of time trying to make the steampunk work, but now I'm back to Padme. Hem and zipper and the underdress will be done, I should be draping the overdress by next week. And I've made some progress on the collar beading.

And that's all I'm up to, still in the tedious phase before having picture-worthy results!

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