Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corset Silhouette Question

So, continuing on with my corsetry struggles. I always feel like I'm just one step shy of making my corsets right, and I think a big part of that is it's very hard to take a slight figure like mine and force it into some of these shapes, I don't have a lot to work with. I was having problems with the fit of my victorian corset I made, when I tried to drape a shirt I was getting this 'ridge' going on, and then it was empty up top, I don't think I have the chest shaped quite right. I added some cutlets inside my chemise to see if I could smooth out the shape, and this is what I got. The problem is, I'm not sure at all if I've really achieved a Victorian Silhouette, so I need some outside opinions. What do you guys think? Not the shirt I'm using, but I just threw one on to see how it looked.


  1. I think the shape looks right under the shirt. I had the same issue with my Vic corset being too big in the chest, and even cutlets didn't help enough. I took in the corset from just above the waist to the top along a seam line, making just the bust tighter. Now it's great!

  2. Very often victorian bodices had pads to fill in the "gap" between your armpit, around your shoulder and downward toward the bust. The pads didn't cover the bust, just rounded out the shape so that that area didn't have such a sharp transition from a corseted bust ridge to rib cage.

    I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that this is normal to have a corset ridge, and if you want it to go away, make a pad.


  3. I'm sure you already know this but, just in case. Remember when achieving this silhouette to concentrate your tight-lacing on the waist and the bust and hips just enough to be secure.

    I think you already have a nice hourglass shape going at the moment and as for the ridge if it's bothering you maybe try a larger bust bad tacked into the corset possibly one more shaped like Twila Tee said to not only push from under the bust but the side as well. But, I think for your size and build what you have looks quit natural in the Victorian silhouette. I think your just being a perfectionist. LOL ;) Plus, I think once your clothes are over everything with the way the skirt is designed it will help add more to that silhouette you want.

  4. Heh heh, I guess what you're saying is I have to fake it to make it ;) I think what's throwing it all off for me is how stark-straight the front is instead of having any curve at all.


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