Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What has it got in it's pocketses?

Hello lovely watchers! I'm afraid I've been neglecting my blog a bit, but I'm honestly at the start of new projects once Dragon*Con ends, so everything is in the works. I also burnt myself out scrambling to finish my Hallowe'en costume which I failed to do, and haven't sewn since then until tonight! Eep. I do need to be blogging my old finished costumes just for record purposes. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday and I'll be posting up my New Year costume plans soon :) For now, here is some Hobbitness from Dragon*Con. I really enjoyed the movie and saw it for a second time today! (this time in high-frame rate 3D, and it was spectacular). If I were a guy, I'd want to be a dwarf, but as I'm not and there was really only one featured female costume I can't pull off, I won't be adding to my list ;) Here's a pic of me with Billy Boyd! I promise I'll get a wig as soon as I can, my own hair won't curl well at all.

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