Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January update

Just a few updates as to where I am on my list as of the end of January. Here's a pic from my last corset fitting.

The pattern is good, but I'll probably get behind on it for a bit because I am trying to throw together a secret costume for the Star Wars 3D premiere. I'll be out at a theater for two days with the Rebel Legion and 501st, but my only EpI appropriate costume is my Jedi and I'm bored to tears with it (I should probably do another past-costume post for that one). And, my costume is secret so I feel less guilty if I don't finish ;)

Also, Hobbit bodice has been on hold until the corset project is done. So for now, here's chainmail progress. 10 more inches and I'll be done with the panel until I get my platforms and hem my skirt.


  1. Are you are doing that Chain Mail by hand? o.o

  2. its coming along great, ver. lovely job. :)

  3. Yuuup. I estimate I've handled at least 11,000 rings by now. It's fun to do monotonous work while you watch TV though!

  4. Even that corset mock-up gives you a very beautiful shape!

  5. Oh! *lightbulb* I've long been admiring your costuming (expecially your Padme gown) Didn't realise you were also doing the sew along :-) Love the way this corset fits you.


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