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I've been rather excited about all the costumes Katniss wears in the Hunger Games movies and I've been collecting as many images as I can. I and my group members have also posted a lot of information on my Katniss Facebook group, Girl on Fire, which is a (girl's only!) Katniss costuming group. I've tried to only save pictures that were good quality and had research value, and some costumes I have more info on than others. (Feb 2014 - Will need to update this with pictures and add Catching Fire costumes also. For latest research, see my Girl On Fire group!)

The Hunger Games

Katniss wears two pajamas in the movie, one a button-down shirt that was probably her fathers in the opening scene. The next was a short dress and cardigan she wore in the capital the night before the Games.

-Hunting Outfit
The outfit Katniss wears to hunt (illegally) in her District the morning of The Reaping

-Reaping Dress
This outfit was her mother's

-Prep Gown
The simple hospital gown Katniss wears when being made over by her prep team

-Tribute Parade
The black leotard made by Cinna for the Tribute Parade

-(Girl On Fire) Interview Dress
Red silk dress worn for her interview with Caesar Flickerman
Research Doc with Costume Designer and Make-Up artist quotes and my costume analysis

-Lounge Outfits
During down time in the penthouse during her time at the Capitol, Katniss wears a couple of comfortable outfits, one of which was cut from the movie.

-Training Outfit
Worn for all training, including being brought before the Gamemakers for judging

-Arena Outfit
Worn for the duration of the Hunger Games (and possibly, life)

-Victory Dress
The "innocent" outfit Cinna made for Katniss and Peeta's Victor Interview
The paper eyelashes used from the movie can be found at paperself.com. They used one of the peacock eyelashes, and Ve Neill painted flashes of turquoise through the feathers. They can also be found at Sephora, but for a limited time.

-Train Ride Dress
Worn on the train ride home from the Capitol

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