Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dragon*Con Countdown update

I know I've been a bad little blogger this year. I've been having a slight crisis deciding how much information to share online since I've had a few incidents where I've been taken advantage of. I had someone steal my Hogwarts skirt picture to sell copies on Etsy, I had a chinese company steal the Alice embroidery design I shared for free for fellow costumers, and I had someone create a DeviantArt account solely to tell me she 'just hoped I didn't debut my White Witch costume at D*C this year because she'd hate to be in the same dress as another girl', then proclaimed she was entering hers in the same contest I've been planning to enter mine in for 4 years. Needless to say I've been reluctant to put info of my build out in the net until after said contest is over (because so far, this is my biggest build!)

Anyway, I've had to strike a few things from my list this year because White Witch takes first priority. After 4 years, I am so ready to debut it and move on. I didn't get to the Luna wedding outfit but I now have earrings to wear with my school uni. Tauriel, if I get the leather coat and wig finished, will be just bare bones. I'm on my first coat pattern draft, and I have the leather, wig materials, pants pattern and base boots. If I can finish the wig and coat it'll be just wearable enough for Dragon*Con.

The White Witch is coming along and WILL be done this year. I finished the leather bodice, have the lion mane shawl together, acquired some props, and am working on the crown and the wig. I'll share all that after D*C because I'd like to post the finished product first!

But first, I can't leave without posting something shiny, so here it is...

THE CHAINMAIL SKIRT IS FINISHED. Almost 4 years of work, 82,000 rings, it weighs 7lbs, 2oz.


  1. I am sad to hear about your unfortunate experiences with people ripping off your work and making mean comments. You deserve none of this. You are a talented artist and I personally really enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of your working process. You are very inspiring and I hope you continue your work and enjoy it.

    1. Thank you :)
      I really enjoy sharing my work and helping other costumers, at the same time I want to protect myself from people who'll take advantage of the free info I'm giving. As a struggling starving artist with a student loan debt it's so disheartening :-\

  2. That is incredible. Well done, and I hope you have fun at Dragoncon.

  3. That is incredible. Well done, and I hope you have fun at Dragoncon.


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