Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Etsy Shop - Bags Of Holding

-EDIT- Sold!! Thanks for looking! Anyone interested in looking at my shop sometime, it's Bags Of Holding on Etsy :)

I usually don't post much about my Etsy site on my blog, I'm not super-actively selling things on there, but I craft items for it from time to time, or sometimes when I make a costume piece and it's easy for me to make another with my leftovers, I do. It's called Bags Of Holding and the items on it are meant for geeks and gamers. Today for the first time I'm willing to let one of my costume pieces go. I've only worn it twice and it's in new condition. My very first Dragon*Con I made this apple green silk taffeta 18th Century gown which is pretty, but I know I'll never wear it again. If anyone knows someone petite who is looking for a new gown, I have one for them right here!



  1. Gorgeous dress! If it fit me, I would buy it in a heartbeat! I posted on my FB page, so here's hoping it's snatched up soon :-)

    1. Thanks! And thank you very much for the repost!

      And apparently I need a lesson in how to price things *sheepish*

    2. Lol, oh I do the same thing with pricing my gowns - I think we tend to price them low because we know all the mistakes that were made, even though they're not noticed by anyone else. It sold really fast, though, not because of the low price I think, but because it was gorgeous. :-)

    3. Yeah, exactly! Oh well, I'm still happy because I needed supplies for more costumes XD (so in the end I'm not really clearing my closet because I'm going to fill it with something new. Yay!)


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