Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dragon*Con Panic Time!

Just checking in!

This year has been rather hectic, between burn-out and just having a tough winter, I lost a lot of time costuming this year, I've changed my mind several times on the costumes I was doing, and I've been very bad about updating. Now that I have my mojo back, I'm hoping to get back to blogging more informative posts about costumes I actually finish. I have a month and a half to finish all my Dragon*Con stuff, which I hope Is do-able. Here is my final D*C line-up. Things are coming together and being completed quickly, so I should start to have pictures to post!

Thursday night I'm planning to re-wear my Katniss reaping dress provided I can find some new shoes. I never got proper pics of this one to post other than with blonde hair, so maybe I can get some this time around.

Friday I have no clue what to wear during the first half of the day, it'll probably either be a repeat costume, or perhaps my Katniss Victory gown I'm making.

Friday Evening is the Costume Contest so I plan to wear my Evanora.

Saturday for the parade is USO Girl, along with Evanora for a photoshoot and wandering Sat. night.

Sunday day is Moaning Myrtle, followed by Katniss Victory Gown for the Yule Ball.

So here's where I stand, and pictures will start rolling in. I'll do individual posts when I have more.

I am hoping to get my smaller costumes finished by the end of July so August I can concentrate completely on Evanora. I am beading her bodice every night, and it's the most stitch-intensive part. I have half of the front done right now:

Just leaving myself room to add the skirt. So for the rest of this month, I have three costumes to finish. USO Girl is almost done, all I have to do is add some closures, make a quick petticoat, and aquire some items and she's done. Moaning Myrtle, her outfit is done, I just have to make her robe. The fabric is cut out, I just need to paint it for the "dead" effect and assemble and distress. The Katniss Victory Dress will need to be completely constructed, but all the pieces are surprisingly simple. I have half my pattern ready to go and am just waiting for some fabric to come in. I've collected everything for that one save a couple things of make-up and a new wig.

Evanora is the big one as it's requiring lots of hand-beading. I'm hoping to have a large chunk of the bodice done by August 1st, and will spend the whole month of August constructing and beading that.

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