Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Start of the Padme Picnic gown

After 10 years, I've finally started this. I don't normally do costumes that have been done a lot before, and especcially done so well by other costumers, but I've loved this one since it first came out. I was a budding costumer at the time, and watched with envy as some of the more skilled girls were researching this, and as they came to new revelations. I even got to see it in person at FIDM, but my camera was unfortunatly cheap and crappy. About 8 years ago I came across a shower curtain panel with a similar design as her shawl fabric and stashed it (not as accurate as the covetted Walmart curtain, but I didn't know what I was looking for at the time). A couple years ago when I was seriously starting to consider doing this one finally, I came across the head band ribbon. Finally my friend Maggie was kind enough to share her leftover sequins with me. After all these years, I've collected most of the rare parts and am finally starting this piece!

Awhile back I made a Victorian Corset for a Steampunk Costume. It didn't quite fit the way a victorian corset should, but it's shape was great for the base of the Meadow Corset. I've made a draft of it off my Victorian pattern changing the lines and hem shape. I haven't boned it yet, but I only have a few minor tweaks to make, I think.

Currently I'm sourcing fabric for the dress and have ordered different shades of yellow to begin my extensive dye testing. I think I found some fabric for the corset. I have found NOTHING that's close to the original, only one that will work. There's been mixed reactions as to weather this fabric will be too poofy, but I am starting to agree with my friend Kathy that I can probably press and man-handle it to be flatter, I might even block it a bit after I dye it.


For anyone who's never seen the research for this costume, it's all been extremely well documented by a number of talented ladies. The top two resources for the research are:

The Padawans Guide


  1. I might be able to help you out with enough of the walmart curtain fabric to make a shawl.

    Do you have enough flower sequins? I know the TFN people did a custom order many years ago and I do have a ton of them if you need some!

    1. If you had extra of that shower curtain fabric, that'd be awesome :)

      You did send me quite a bit though I won't know how far they'll go til I actually start putting them in. Nice to know I have a backup in case I run out :) Thanks a bunch, Maggie, you're the best :)

  2. Good luck with this one! I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger award:

  3. Please don't feel obligated to do this, but I nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger award!


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