Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yes, I DID add a costume to my list already

So, erm... about that list I posted of my 2012 costumes. It's grown already.

I've decided to add Katniss Everdeen's District 12 hunting costume (from the new Humger Games movie) to my list for Dragon*Con. Hot Topic sells this replica bow. It's very lightweight, and though it says 'for display purposes only', it seems strong enough for me to draw it for pictures. I tried on my Jedi pants with this and the pattern seems sound, so this one shouldn't be hard to make, save maybe the leather jacket and crafting a quiver and arrows. I'd like to find a wig to wear with this so I don't have to dye my hair brown, but I will if I can't find the wig. Also, I happened to find these awesome boots at DSW that seem a very close match. My own picture quality this round really sucked, so I made this pic:

Also, I don't need the pin with this costume, but I ordered it anyway. It's not exact, more flat than the real one, but it works:

Aaaand, while we're on the subject of Hunger Games costumes, this one may or may not be done for Dragon*Con, or it might get tacked on next year. This is a bridesmaid dress of mine I've been holding onto for years:

I usually make everything, but this shape is already so perfect for Katniss' Mockingjay dress from the second book. This will be a project in embellishing. I plan to use appliques, possibly custom-ones made on my mom's new embroidery machine. I plan to put lace, and black pearls, and feathers everywhere, plus make sleeve/wings, and possibly a surprise feature. But I may or may not do this for D*C, depends on how my other projects go.


  1. looks so awesome. u did one all ready that's awesome. did u buy the clothes, make them, or was it a closet costume? can't wait 2 see more. :)

  2. Actually I wrote that I was going to make it all :) I just pulled together a few things for the bow picture, but I plan to make an accurate version.

  3. how did u make ur parade handmaiden gown? :)

  4. Unfortunatly I didn't finish the handmaiden gown, I ran out of dye and I can't get it locally :p One day I'll get back around to it, next time I order dye from my supplier I'll get more and finish it up :)

  5. Replies
    1. The real boots are the Melissa by Frye, but they're expensive. The boots I got were called "Coconuts tall lace up boot" that I got at DSW
      They're sold out now, but trolling ebay and etsy is a good way to find out of production items


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