Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hobbit Progress / skirt woes

So I spent the day today in a real LOTR mood, so I popped in Fellowship (Extended edition) and whipped up the skirt. I had wanted a lightweight wool crepe in a moss green color, but couldn't find the perfect fabric online. I found the right color crepe at JoAnn's, but in a poly/wool blend. It was a bit heavier than I had wanted, but I wouldn't know what it would do until I put it together.

Here's all my fabrics together:

And I found these really cool LOTR-style dragon buttons for it! But the skirt... I'm worried because of the weight that it doesn't hang as finely as a lighter-weight fabric would. Here's a bunch of hobbit skirt pics from the movie:

I guess I'm going to try and find the right weight fabric at the store and attempt to dye it, and if I can't I'll have to try online again.

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