Friday, October 28, 2011

Stash: River Boots

Wee, another item for The Stash!

I've been wanting some really casual, comfortable "Sunday at the con" type costumes... a few people have told me I resemble Summer Glau, I don't really see it except a few similarities, but it's enough to convince me I could probably pull off a River costume. I love hers but they have weird knit/crocheted bits I can't replicate. And even though I'm not really a fan of pink, I've decided the easiest one for me to do is her costume from the Firefly episode "Safe".

I found a neat pair of boots at Charlotte Russe in the mall for $20! They're not perfect but close enough, and I can alter some things in the future. The only hard thing would be the sweater, which I believe is woven and not knit. I would probably end up making a small loom and making my own fabric. But this is a "when you have time" costume so no clue when I'll start, but I'm looking forward to having a comfy costume. Here's my boots next to the boots that are supposedly what she is wearing.


  1. I'm hoping to do a similar thing for Dragoncon as well. I got overheated rather badly last year after wearing an all-leather costume. So I changed into a light sundress I had and boots since it was raining. Ironically I had more pictures taken of me in that than in my costume! So I think there's some wisdom in having a River Tam dress handy. :)

    I would love to do the Reaver dress from Serenity, but goodness gracious is the pattern hard to pull off. Depending on how accurate you want to be, I've been scowering the racks of sweaters at Goodwill and there's been a veritable ton of red fluffy sweaters! Alas, I only found one with the right material and it was fitted instead of loose. Best of luck!

  2. Ouch, yeah, that's one reason I've been hesitant to make an all-leather costume... and I've been dying to make a superhero costume. But I've also been dying for a 'casual sunday' costume that was comfy, and I could wear to a restaurant and not get weird looks ;) I've been looking into weaving the sweater fabric myself, but I don't think it'll make it on the list this year. Too much stuff!

  3. where did you get those boots? I must get me some...