Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hobbit Progress!

Remember the design I posted back in April?

I've been working on the chemise for this, and I've actually gathered all my fabrics and ordered Frodo hobbit ears from the Weta site (pulled from the actual mold and made by weta! Doesn't get more authentic than that!) The chemise I am making out of raw silk and I've just finished smocking the neckline of it. I smocked it along the selvage. My pattern process on this is a little unconventional and I'm not sure it'll work yet, but I'm going to document it just in case it turns out to be freaking awesome (as opposed to being completely fubar'ed). The other hobbits with smocking all had it done in about the color of the shirt, so I chose a sand color and mixed it with a shade darker that had a hint of green

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  1. That's absolutely beautiful work! Your work is always so detailed!