Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Space Ghost says it's time for Shameless Self Promotion!

Hey, I earned it *g*

Ever since I was an unremarkable, talentless little kid I've always wanted to win at something... and not just a game or by default, but to have actually earned it, and now I can cross a major item off my "Things I want to Achieve" list!

This year at Archon (A St. Louis based fan convention who's Masquerade is considered one of the best in the country... I've competed at the much much larger convention of Dragon*Con and the Archon Masq is very similar! It's like a combo of the workmanship judging of the Friday Night Costume Contest, and the Sunday Masquerade except they are still looking at the costumes and presentation and not the act so much) I competed with my Padme, and I won the "Best Tailoring". And then I got the surprise that I won Best In Show!!

Now I don't feel so bad about all the stuff I perceive wrong with it and want to fix ;) It's still going to hide in my closet for awhile, but... I'm extremely happy. And while were on that note...

At Dragon*Con this year I was also surprised that my fellow Rebel Legion members awarded me with Costumer of the Year

This is the best year ever :) And now we'll return you to your (ir)regularly scheduled blog of costume pics.


  1. congradulations. that's so awesome. :)

  2. Congrats! And well deserved!

  3. Congratulations, that's awesome! And definitely well deserved, your Padme is beautiful!

  4. Wow! A big congrats! Very deserved!