Friday, January 17, 2014

So I'm making a weird thing, pt. 2 - Katniss Cowl Progress

Just a quick progress post!

First, the original for reference:

And where I'm at:

May or may not be bigger than hers, but oh well, making this up as I go along. Next up is the body, those braids will follow the long one draped around the front. I can see why the original took Maria Dora and an assistant a couple weeks to do, this is pretty labor intensive. So far I've used 3.5 skeins of yarn. A lot of people have said it's impractical, but when I tried it on to pin up the long braid I got quite warm, I'll have to try it out during the next polar vortex XD


  1. This is coming along quite nicely! It looks like you're just doing a regular herringbone/fishtail braid for braids - is that correct?
    How many strands did you have to use for the first braid? It's giant!!

    1. Yep! That first one is 30 strands (or rather 15 strands looped into the piece, then folded in half.) That one ate a whole skein of yarn by itself!

  2. 30 strands?! No wonder it took an entire skein of yarn!