Monday, August 22, 2011

Padme Progress

OK, I'm in full-on convention panic mode. I find I'm having to prioritize what is essential to be finished and what I can finish in the car on the 9 hour drive there. I don't doubt I can finish the overdress, what I'm in a panic about though is the beading, though I'm hopeful I'll have the collar portion done tomorrow night. The drape is what I'm going to have to really cheat on. I won't embroider it until after Dragon*Con, to be finished in time for Archon. The appliques I'll have to either fake or leave blank until then too. The hair, I gave temporarily coloring my strawberry blonde hair brown my best shot and I got it darker, but I found no matching extensions and my attempt to match a color with human hair extensions failed, so I'm going natural for this one until I come up with a better hair plan.

Anyway, this is my progress on the dress, I have one sleeve fully assembled and am working on the other one. Sorry for crappy phone pics ;)

I did a test sample of the drape out of leftover taffeta I had (fabric on right) and I like how it came out, I just need to make the panels wider and they are basically broomstick pleated rectangles. On the left I have the fabric I chose for the drape, I overdyed it tonight and I think I have a good color now

And that's the short version of where I'm at! I've also pretty much finalized my Dragon*Con costume schedule, so if you're going, here's what to look for:

Friday, All Day: Padme
Saturday Parade: Endor Leia (camo)
Saturday Night: Padme
Sunday Day: Hogwarts Uni
Sunday Night: Alice


  1. That is looking fabulous so far!

  2. it looks lovely. just keep going. u'll make it.