Monday, July 11, 2011

Padme weekend progress

Not much, just a quick progress pic

Lower sleeves are assembled, I'll add the closure and false buttons after I attach the upper sleeve, I made 16 yards of piping, and here's some of the symbols. The symbols are giving me problems, I'm having trouble getting all the color out even though I'm applying the paste evenly. It's been harder lately, I think due in part to the humidity in the air, but it's taking forever, and I can't begin assembling my coat until these are done. So for now I'm working on the upper sleeve pattern.

I'm considering after next year taking a break from the big, year-long insanity projects and just focusing on some smaller projects I've wanted to do. It's annoying not getting to complete something more than once a year. However, I already have big plans for next year that I already have materials for. I will be making the White Witch Battle costume from Narnia for my big project, my Hobbit costume for the end-of-year premiere (though this is a simpler project) and the Padme meadow dress which I will take my time on with no set deadline. Aaaaand, I'm going to shut up and get the hell to bed...


  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous!

    That poor, poor, mando....

  2. take your time and you'll rock it.