Saturday, July 2, 2011

Padme Dress Progress

I've been dyeing for about a week and a half, and I finally got all my velvet dyed. I also got my sleeve/piping fabric dyed, and finally got a color I liked.

I finished my mock-up of the lower sleeves and I love the way it came out! It's a two-part undersleeve with a bias layer over that I just arranged and pressed in a random way. I don't see any evidence that the buttons down the actual gown are functional, so I made an opening just at the wrist, I'll put snap tape there and decorative cover buttons. This is just the mock up:

On the gown itself, I have the skirt half done. I have the back put together and roughly pleated, I have to take measurements and do it more precise, and one side of the front attached. I'm working on discharge printing the lapels. I had to thread-trace the whole thing so I know where to place the symbols. I had a stencil custom-cut. Each symbol I have to paint on the discharge paste, wait for it to dry, then steam it for 10 minutes. I didn't quite get all the purple out, but I'll try and touch it up after it's all done and I rinse the paste out...

I think one day I may make a bigger hoop skirt, but I wanna see what the finished thing looks like first.

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