Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hunger Games Side-By-Side

I've already posted about these costumes, but... the pictures for the Hunger Games Auction have come out, the first real sharp, clear pictures I've seen of a lot of the outfits, and I couldn't resist doing a little side-by-side comparison of my best two! I never got pictures of my arena or reaping one, and the hunting one only has a found jacket. I plan to make her hunting jacket whenever I can afford the leather.

And this one isn't as close, since I made it with only two pictures for reference, but I still love it (I almost like my draped top better, much more sculpture). I'm slowly adding lots of crystals in the hem every time I get the chance to wear it.

Also, I was made Fangirl of the Day on Her Universe October 1st, and a few days later I was Fan of the Week on the Official Hunger Games facebook page with this dress! It made over 17,000 'likes' which was super exciting. I was told many times they mistook this for Jennifer Lawrence... and just as many said I looked like Foxface! (it's the damn pastiness and lack of eyebrow coloring ;) )
I'll never be able to afford any of the auction items, but it's nice to see so many pictures. Now, on to Catching Fire costumes!


  1. You really do look like Jennifer Lawrence!

    1. :D Thanks! I hope she keeps doing awesome sci-fi movies, I'll keep making her costumes!

  2. Your work is truly inspirational. I always love reading your adventures in recreating costumes.