Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hobbit Design - 01

OK, I've been agonizing over this for awhile, the fact that we have The Hobbit coming out, part 1 in December of 2012, and I never got around to building a proper Lord of the Rings style costume. A franchise as epic as this one that I absolutely love and will have an INSANE midnight showing, I *MUST* be in costume. But, I don't have time to make a proper Eowyn costume, I'm not statue-esque enough to be an elf, I have no desire to be a dwarf (It's the beards! ;) ), so I've decided on a generic Hobbit. More fitting for the movie, anyway. It's also a much simpler design that I could probably finish in a month. Here's my design.

Now what I plan to do is smock the chemise and make it out of a natural colored raw silk. I'm making everything as full as possible, and putting horizontal lines in places you shouldn't, to shorten the figure (that awkward hobbit hem length!). I want to make the bodice out of a rust colored brocade and the skirt out of a moss colored wool. I should be able to source a good wig. Aradani studios has halfling ears, but the point comes off the top of the ear, not the back, so their silicone elf ears might be more appropriate. The feet will be the problem. No one sells them, and I don't have the skill to make them. I may either commission someone one day, or start practicing molding my own appliances (which I've wanted to do for some time now) and in a few years I'll hopefully be good enough to make a realistic pair. This will be good enough for the movies to just go barefoot (but with back-up ballet flats), and at most hand-knot a couple of little foot wigs (I can't believe I'm thinking about giant, hairy feet! How unglamourous...) I will possibly have to make a cloak for atop this because the first one is released in December and I'm going to freeze my little Hobbit butt off...

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  1. Wow, how ambitious and fun! I used to dress up for the Harry Potter movies :)

    This sounds like an excellent idea, and your plans look great.