Sunday, March 27, 2011

Padme Cut Senate Scene Gown - 02

I am (practically) done with all the Padme undergarments! I say 'practically' because the last three rows of ruffles are pinned onto the hoopskirt.

Even though the dress is all along Elizabethan lines, I made the hoopskirt something closer to mid-Victorian, about 1870's, because I felt the front had to be flatter and there's a small bit of bustling in the back. Elizabethan hoop skirts have more conical hoops and bumrolls. I made it all from plain muslin. I quilted the front so it would be as smooth as possible, and I threw in a Naboo symbol for funsies. I put ruffles on the rest to soften the hoop lines and it will hopefully be cooler temperature wise than if I quilted the whole thing. The inside has ties on the bustle cage so I can adjust how big the bustle is.

Here's my progress on the bodice so far.

Now that I have the hoopskirt done I can start on the yellow skirt, and that's what I was waiting for before I can move forward on the bodice. The coat is going to hook onto the front panel by eyelets, I have to find the right hooks before I can sew those in.


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